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Anguilla Awaits You!! How Do I Get to Anguilla?  

Anguilla is a small Caribbean Island which is located in next to St. Maarten/St.Martin. The island does have an airport for small commuter airlines, and jets; The name of the airport is Wallblake; The best way to reach Anguilla is as follows:

1) From the North America (Canada/USA)? Travel to Princess Julianna International Airport in St.Maarten; Use the 20 minute ferry service from Marigot to Anguilla; Approximately US$20 get you to Anguilla; You can also travel through Puerto Rico, and make a connecting flight, but this may be more costly and time consuming;

* If you are traveling from Canada-Consider using West has direct flights to St.Maarten at reasonable prices;

2) From Europe ? Access is dependent on the city you are traveling from; From the UK, the best way is through Antigua via Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and then connecting with the regional airline (LIAT) to Anguilla; From Italy, France, Germany, etc the best route is through St.Maarten using Air France, KLM, etc, and then following instruction in  #1 above;

3) From the Caribbean Region?  Travel Via the regional airlines LIAT, WINAIR, etc

4) Rest of the World?...It's simple... just google the info